Grassroot Soccer is an adolescent health organization that leverages the power of soccer to educate, inspire, and mobilize youth in developing countries to overcome their greatest health challenges, live healthier, more productive lives, and be agents for change in their communities.

Adolescents are being left behind in the fight against disease and other critical health challenges. Unlike childhood mortality which has improved 80% in the past 50 years, adolescent mortality hasn’t budged. Preventable diseases like HIV, and complications from pregnancies continue to be the leading causes of death among adolescents. There is a tremendous opportunity to improve the world’s health by promoting healthy practices during adolescence, and taking steps to better protect young people from health risks.


Soccer is the world’s most played sport and the world’s most watched sport. Travel to almost anywhere in the world, and you will see people, often youth, kicking a ball. Revered Zambian soccer commentator Dennis Liwewe once said “Football is religion here.” By using a soccer-based structure and curriculum, our Coaches build trust, engage youth in activity-based learning, and create safe spaces where young people feel comfortable asking questions, sharing opinions, and supporting their teammates. Importantly, soccer is fun, and our programs create an environment where learning is not a spectator sport. We use the power of soccer to build confidence and resilience in young people so that they can take control of their lives and health, on the field and off.


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